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Bracing for Growth

A small successful biotech continued to grow rapidly, The Ripples Group provided organizational design expertise and support to manage growth and sustain the entrepreneurial culture. A custom designed management and leadership training enabled the development of leadership capacity to brace for future growth.

An emerging pharmaceutical company, built on a scientific breakthrough in cancer treatment, achieved more than a $1B valuation within a few years. Such success, and the explosive growth that came with it, dramatically stretched leadership capacity and stressed the management system. Following a full organization diagnostic, The Ripples Group worked with the leadership team to better manage growth, improve decision-making and communications, and focus R&D investments.

Using proprietary training curricula, The Ripples Group trained all managers to improve managerial effectiveness and build highly effective teams in a series of 2 day workshops throughout the year. Initial training sessions were expanded to encompass all scientific and administrative departments as the organization continued to grow.

The Ripples Group also conducted annual employee surveys and designed and implemented a performance management system that enabled everyone in the organization to understand how they contributed to achieve the organization's vision and goals.

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