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Leadership Courses

We offer a modular flexible approach with a wide range of topics. We can design a leadership curriculum that is just right for you and your organization using an organization diagnostic and 360 feedback. So the program is fully tailored to your needs, including courses that will be impactful for you.


Our high impact leadership programs consist of a build up of half day workshops. Each workshop covers 1-2 leadership competencies to drive leadership excellence and can be delivered in person or virtually. 

Here is a sample list of leadership courses:

- High Impact Leadership

- Understanding Self & Others

- Mastery of Influence & Persuasion

- Managing Performance & Execution

- Developing Talent

- High Impact Coaching

- Mastery of Feedback

- Effective Communication

- Power of Story Telling

- Maximizing Team Effectiveness

- Shaping Culture

- Leading Change

- Managing Conflict

- Vision & Inspiring Action

- Effective Decision making

- Thriving in Diversity

- Managing Productivity

- Leading with Resilience

- Leadership Presence

All leadership programs build mastery in leading self, leading others and leading the business, essential for high impact leadership.


What Our Participants Say

"What I really found helpful are practical tools to use in “squishy situations”. When you talk about dealing with people and emotions, it really helps to have guidance"

"There are quite some tools that I will take with me and use; I will look them up before a big meeting or a difficult conversation"

"How to influence others and using different leadership styles in different situations have stuck with me"

"One thing that I really learned and found valuable was to learn about the difference between the management and leadership"

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