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Ripples Leadership Journey

Do you need to recharge and refocus? Developing the capacity to clarify what’s truly important for us and cultivating the courage to lead with authenticity is critical for leading a successful life or business.


The Ripples Leadership Journey uses a very structured approach and methodology to guide you through your journey of self discovery.  Connecting deeply to yourself, reflecting on your own story and its teachings, you walk out with a very concrete action plan that will help you become a better leader.  The journey will give you the tools to explore your life with a new perspective, to look at your experiences with a set of new eyes, and to gain insights that might be life-changing – such as acquiring new habits and letting go of those that prevent you from being your whole self and staying real. 

The five steps of the Journey are as follows:

1. UNDERSTANDING MY STORY - Taking the time to reflect on your personal story, identifying significant moments that have shaped or defined you. Exploring recurring patterns that have propelled or hindered you, and beginning to build the foundation for the next chapter of your life.

2. DISCOVERING MY PURPOSE - Finding the power of your purpose and connecting with your passion. Uncovering the overriding purpose that would best guide you in the next chapter of your life, knowing what is truly meaningful and important.

3. CLARIFYING MY VISION - Identifying what you want your future to look like, moving away from self limiting beliefs or thoughts. Clarifying your priorities in key areas of your life and crafting the next chapter of your life accordingly.

4. BREAKING THROUGH MY BARRIERS - Exploring major challenges and obstacles that need to be dealt with to actualize the vision you have crafted. Identifying established patterns of behavior that are likely to compromise your success in the future.

5. PLANNING MY ACTIONS - Developing an action plan for implementation of the change you are looking for and actualizing the future you have crafted for yourself. Exploring how to sustain the energy, commitment and enthusiasm to stay the course.

If you are ready to begin your journey please contact us.


All you need to do is  commit to take a break and set aside 2.5 days for investing in yourself. We will create the space for you to connect to yourself, others and nature. For higher impact, consider bringing your whole team on the journey.


Should you dare reward yourself and give your team this gift, as did hundreds of business leaders worldwide, you will be amazed at what comes out! 

What Our Participants Say

" Even though there were always more pressing things, at the end of every meeting I was really glad to have had this opportunity to reflect and gain valuable insights"

"Recognizing the strength that I bring, has been amazing for my reflection to realize how I, as an individual, am a leader"

"I feel very grateful to have this opportunity. None of us were thrilled that the program shifted to Zoom, it was great that we pushed through and it has been a wonderful connection with everyone"

"Thank you to everyone, especially in the past months, we might feel lonely, but we are in this together. Although we are physically isolated; I do not feel emotionally isolated - so thank you!"

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