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Where should you be heading? Given your organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses against its competitors, what is the optimal path today? And when will it change?


"Marketing has a lot of competitive info and our salespeople are on the road visiting customers and learn a great deal about competitors. Profitability varies a lot by product. Our cost structure is probably competitive, but one competitor is doing something funky lately, we are not sure how that will impact the industry. We believe we gained share this past year but not in all segments and regions…"


If this sounds remotely like your organization, you are not alone. Time after time, we discover that key strategic information is scattered around an organization and very difficult to synthesize for action. Some key facts are often missing, especially about competitors.


The Ripples Group can help you:


  • See the Whole Picture.  In our strategy work, we first assemble and synthesize the key strategic facts, which we call the "strategic factbase." We strongly believe that strategy is emergent and requires a decent serving of art—but only after it is grounded in facts! We synthesize the strategic fact base into actionable options using appropriate frameworks, competitive and financial analysis, structured dialogue, and other-industry parallels.


  • Understand the Tradeoffs.  We evaluate options with quantitative analysis, scenario planning, and internal capability assessment.


  • Make Informed Decisions.  We fill in the key missing facts about market trends, competitors, customers, and macro-factors.


Ripples principals quickly become valuable discussion partners to senior management. We bring a fresh and disciplined perspective grounded in facts and seasoned with years of experience in strategy work.


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