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High Impact

Leadership Off-sites

Are you looking to find effective ways to mobilize your team and your organization? Large scale events and off-sites are critical for launching or leading change, shaping and sustaining your culture, marking progress in strategy execution and building a passionate community of leaders.

Leadership off-sites are a serious investment as it demands your most critical asset, your top leaders' precious time. Making every second count therefore is important, and so is thoughtful design and planning of your off-sites. Some leadership teams choose to meet periodically to stay aligned and ensure disciplined execution. We have worked with many top leadership teams in this capacity and seen the sustained impact on results time and again.

We have led many annual events across the globe with top teams of large multinationals and leadership teams of many organizations in the private and public sector. Some journeys took participants to majestic places such as Guilin in China, Rajasthan in India, Cappadocia in Turkey. See our publications to witness the impact of these journeys and testimonials from participants.


While certainly not quite as majestic, an off-site in a venue close by or even in a virtual setting can be equally productive if well designed and facilitated. 

Let us design high impact leadership off-sites that serve your team and address your organization's specific needs now.

For more information, please contact us.

What Our Participants Say

"Getting together every couple of weeks, even though there were more pressing things, but at the end of the meeting I was always glad to have had this opportunity"

"Recognizing the strength that I bring, has been amazing for my reflection to realize how I, as an individual, am a leader"

"I feel very grateful to have this opportunity. None of us were thrilled that the program shifted to Zoom, it was great that we pushed through and it has been a wonderful connection with everyone"

"Thank you to everyone, especially in the past months, we might feel lonely, but we are in this together. Although we are physically isolated; I do not feel emotionally isolated - so thank you!"


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