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Merger Integration

Even mergers with great business rationale, if left unmanaged, can lead to poor business results if hindered by skepticism and a fear of change. Once a deal is closed, convincing the employees of both organizations to commit to the combined enterprise with all their passion is the critical challenge. Many companies remain silent for too long while focusing on the next steps, and they shy away from transparency. To ensure success, companies must tirelessly communicate why the merger makes sense for the employees, how everyone will benefit, and exactly what is being done to integrate the two organizations.


The majority of mergers fail—research claims up to 75%. But we believe there are ways to help improve the odds.


The Ripples Group can help you:


  • Focus relentlessly on synergies improving business results and delivering on expectations from the merger

  • Create a master integration plan to inform expectations, with defined delivery milestones & ownership

  • Identify key people and address every case individually to ensure that they remain committed to being part of the combined enterprise’s future

  • Capture the learnings to inform future decisions and undertakings

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