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Ripples offers an array of services which can help your organization deal effectively with highly complex challenges in strategy, transformation, and leadership. As these challenges are deeply interconnected, many of our engagements include a blend of these services.
Strategic Discovery

Here are some key questions senior executives instinctively know are important but often do not get full answers to:

  • Are we achieving full potential in our core business?

  • Where is the industry’s true profit pool?

  • Are we getting our fair share of it?

  • Which customer segments are more or less profitable?

  • Are our customers loyal to us?

  • How can we reduce defections among high-value customers?

  • Are there other customer segments we should target?If so, how?

  • Are our marketing messages well-tailored to target segments?

  • Is our pricing strategy optimal?

  • Are we leaving money on the table?

  • How can we turn our distribution and supply chain into competitive weapons?

  • Should we stick to our core or explore adjacencies?

Often a small change in one lever, such as pricing, can have a huge impact on the bottom line. The Ripples Group can help you answer these questions fully so that you can better direct your company's actions and win against your competitors.

Marketing Strategy

How well are your products and services positioned in the market? Are you relentlessly targeting the right segments of customers? Are you getting the most out of your existing customers? Are they loyal to you? Are you ruthlessly defending your profit pool against competitors?

The Ripples Group can help you:

  • Conduct market and customer research

  • Segment customers in actionable dimensions

  • Test price elasticity

  • Evaluate positioning options


We will take all the steps to streamline your marketing strategy in full alignment with your business goals.

Information Technology Assessment

In information technology assessments, as well as business process engineering, we apply our analytical approach to solving technology problems efficiently and with minimal disruption to our clients’ operations. We are agnostic to IT solutions and we are not related to or affiliated with specific products or technologies. Our perspective, therefore, is impeccably objective and our only lens is that of our clients.  We have a deep understanding of technology infrastructures, IT systems, and requirements for successful rollout. 

Program Evaluation & Business Analytics

Government and nonprofit leaders are often faced with critical funding decisions.


  • How do we prioritize funding?

  • Should a program be expanded or reduced in scope?

  • What aspects of a program are working well, and where do we need to target efforts for improvement?


The Ripples Group can assist you in determining these and other questions through pragmatic, fact-driven evaluations

Effective business decisions are most often made at the confluence of raw data and fundamental analysis. However, making use of the data available to a business can be a difficult and daunting process. The Ripples Group can help you draw meaningful insights to inform strategic direction and management decision-making.

Growth Strategy

Where should you be heading? Given your organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses against its competitors, what is the optimal path today? And when will it change?


"Marketing has a lot of competitive info and our sales people are on the road visiting customers and learn a great deal about competitors. Profitability varies a lot by product. Our cost structure is probably competitive, but one competitor is doing something funky lately, we are not sure how that will impact the industry. We believe we gained share this past year but not in all segments and regions…"


If this sounds remotely like your organization, you are not alone. Time after time, we discover that key strategic information is scattered around an organization and very difficult to synthesize for action. Some key facts are often missing, especially about competitors.


The Ripples Group can help you:


  • See the Whole Picture.  In our strategy work, we first assemble and synthesize the key strategic facts, which we call the "strategic factbase." We strongly believe that strategy is emergent and requires a decent serving of art—but only after it is grounded in facts! We synthesize the strategic factbase into actionable options using appropriate frameworks, competitive and financial analysis, structured dialogue, and other-industry parallels.

  • Understand the Tradeoffs.  We evaluate options with quantitative analysis, scenario planning, and internal capability assessment.

  • Make Informed Decisions.  We fill in the key missing facts about market trends, competitors, customers, and macro-factors.


Ripples principals quickly become valuable discussion partners to senior management. We bring a fresh and disciplined perspective grounded in facts and seasoned with years of experience in strategy work.


Policy Analysis & Development

Successful policy development begins with defining and prioritizing the problems to be solved, identifying potential options to address them, and carrying out analyses to project the impact of recommended actions. We have strong knowledge and expertise in analytical tools and techniques including statistics, financial analysis, operations research, and econometrics.


We use proprietary presentation tools to ensure that information is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Our data and policy analytics can easily be communicated throughout an organization. Recognizing that analysis is not meaningful unless it compels leaders to act, we engage the relevant stakeholders along the process.



How do you disrupt your industry? Is innovation an integral part of your strategy and culture?

The Ripples Group can help you:

  • Screen and prioritize innovation ideas within a strategic context

  • Develop effective approaches for turning innovative ideas into real product development efforts

  • Create and improve the capabilities needed to make innovation your competitive advantage over time

  • Increase the productivity of each innovation project

  • Improve the likelihood of success with each project

  • Design and organize complex projects to ensure learning within and across initiatives

Mergers & Acquisitions/ Due Diligence

Study after study has highlighted how elusive success can be in mergers and acquisitions. The Ripples Group brings deep experience and strong capabilities to improve the odds in your favor.


The Ripples Group can help you:

  • Articulate a clear M&A strategy based on corporate direction

  • Identify and screen M&A candidates

  • Develop the business case for key targets

  • Conduct due diligence

  • Negotiate the optimal deal

  • Develop an integration plan

  • Execute the post-merger integration

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