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Strategic Discovery​

Here are some key questions senior executives instinctively know are important but often do not get full answers to:


  • Are we achieving full potential in our core business?

  • Where is the industry’s true profit pool?

  • Are we getting our fair share of it?

  • Which customer segments are more or less profitable?

  • Are our customers loyal to us?

  • How can we reduce defections among high-value customers?

  • Are there other customer segments we should target? If so, how?

  • Are our marketing messages well-tailored to target segments?

  • Is our pricing strategy optimal?

  • Are we leaving money on the table?

  • How can we turn our distribution and supply chain into competitive weapons?

  • Should we stick to our core or explore adjacencies?


Often a small change in one lever, such as pricing, can have a huge impact on the bottom line. The Ripples Group can help you answer these questions fully so that you can better direct your company's actions and win against your competitors.


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