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Strategic Shifts in the High Tech Industry

Since 2011, The Ripples Group has supported a global telecommunications IT company on a variety of strategic initiatives, including acquisitions, branding, and organization transformation. During this time, the company's stock appreciation has exceeded comparable indices.

The company provides infrastructure software and services to the global telecommunications industry, with customers such as AT&T, Comcast, and SingTel.


Since 2011, the company leadership has engaged The Ripples Group on a variety of challenges, from strategic thinking to organizational dynamics, from developing a new brand story to a product roadmap. In each instance, Ripples worked very collaboratively with the internal teams and supported progress with facilitation, structured thinking, research, and analytics. We played a key role in setting new strategic directions such as the Internet of Things and avoiding ill-fated acquisitions.


Furthermore, we advised the leadership team in the complete transformation of two major divisions. More than 10,000 roles throughout the organization were re-defined, new success metrics were implemented, training was revamped, and a new management structure was instituted. The product suite has surpassed all competition and has been building a great track record of wins at major accounts. The company that was for 30 years known as a telecommunications system integrator has re-emerged in recent years as a product company with unmatched capabilities in the industry. Its stock price keeps appreciating ahead of comparable indices.

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